New PhD student: Dennis Puorideme

A new PhD student started in InterDisc in the Spring. His name is Dennis Purideme.

Last modified: 01.04.2016

A new PhD student started in InterDisc in the Spring. His name is Dennis Puorideme. He is from Ghana and will conduct his studies between Aalborg and Ghana.


A Discursive Analysis of Social Protection in Africa Since 1980: The case of Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) in Ghana

Project description

There is high incidence of poverty and vulnerability in Ghana despite the recent years of impressive economic performance.  As a result, various social protection programmes were designed and implemented, most recently the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP), which has been operational since 2007. Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) provides cash transfer and health insurance to extremely poor households across Ghana to alleviate short-term poverty and encourage long-term human capital development among beneficiaries. The major target groups include orphans and the aged of poor and vulnerable households in poor communities.

My PhD research project is to explore the effectiveness of LEAP in addressing risk (uncertain events), vulnerability (exposure to welfare losses) and poverty (welfare losses/deprivation/ill-being) and enhance capabilities of beneficiary households to achieve optimal well-being in Northern Ghana. Human Capability Development, Human Rights and Social Justice, and the Transformative Social Protection framework are the underpinning theories of the study. In terms of methodology, the study would be investigated, largely, from the lens of qualitative research using discourse and policy analysis as the principal methods. Apart from reviewing policy and project documents, interviews and focus groups discussions will be conducted at the households and community levels as part of the data gathering process.