Interdisciplinary Discourse Studies Network Hub

Introduction to InterDisc

The Interdisciplinary Discourse Studies (InterDisc) research network hub at Aalborg University comprises researchers and PhD students in the Faculty of Humanities who are interested in studying discourses in contemporary societies in the broadest sense from interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary and post-disciplinary perspectives.

The network hub facilitates collaboration between two research groups, namely Centre for Discourses in Transition (CiT) and Mattering: Centre for Discourse & Practice (Mattering).

The concept discourse includes the many ways in which language is used, such as writing, speech, bodily gestures, music or silence. It also entails a socially constructed perspective, where social actors and actions negotiate and constitute meaning, relations and identities.

INTERDISC is an inter-departmental collaboration in the Faculty of Humanities.


Research group leaders: