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Pre-defence by Amos Dangbie Dordah

Pre-defence by Amos Dangbie Dordah

Actors´ Perspectives on gold mining and development nexus: A critical discourse analytical approach.


31.01.2019 kl. 10.00 - 12.00


This thesis is a critical study on how discourse enables or constrains how different social actors’ perceive and construct differently the mining and development nexus. It is concerned about the fact that, despite the possibility of different ways of constructing the mining and development nexus scholarly literature and corporate action on mining and development nexus often construct the mining and development nexus from a Western neoliberal notion of progress and development. Such a construction of the mining and development nexus can obfuscate the possible alternative perspectives of local social actors, whose constructions may be informed by their experiences and observations, the discourses in place.

Therefore, this thesis addresses a how question; How do the different social actors perceive differentially and construct differently the gold mining and development nexus?

Methodologically, the thesis is a Nexus Analysis (NA) methodology inspired, as it deals with only two stages of Scollon and Scollon (2004) NA methodology and also, NA methodology is complemented by Clarke´s (2005) Situational Maps.

Empirically, this thesis generated both textual and visual data and from actual social events like policy text, media text, local mobilisations text, company independent reviewers’ text and interviews.

Analytically, the thesis combines Fairclough (2003) and van Leeuwen (2008) framework for social actor representation with Dryzek´s framework for analysing environmental discourses.

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