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Pre-defence by Pedro Poza Maupain

Do Spanish media dream of Nordic welfare states? – A linguistic-discursive analysis of newspaper depictions in crisis-stricken Spain


28.02.2019 kl. 14.00 - 16.00


The so-called “fairytale” narrative about Nordic exemplarity, which presents the Scandinavian countries as almost perfect societies with well-functioning parliamentary democracies, solid welfare systems and an admirable lack of corruption, has reached unprecedented popularity in Spain during the last decade, especially as a consequence of the global economic crisis that erupted in 2007-2008. Bearing in mind that the Spanish crisis is not only economic, but also political, as well as a crisis of values, this thesis investigates from a critical linguistic-discursive perspective how Spanish written media depict and differentiate the Nordic countries, and wether these media are actively turning them into social, political, cultural and economic role models for crisis-stricken Spain.

Regarding my theoretical and methodological approach, I intend to fill some of the gaps for which critical discourse analysis (CDA) has been criticized. As a number of scholars have pointed out, one of the weak points of CDA is that the context dimension is underanalyzed and not sufficiently explained. Hence, my paper combines a transformative approach to CDA with various social, political and cultural theories, which I use to examine the wider context in which the analyzed media texts are produced, and in which the production process takes place. The main theories used for this purpose are Marklund’s concept of Nordicity, Andersen’s view on the welfare state, Anholt’s competitive identity theories and Habermas’ interpretation of constitutional patriotism.

Discussant: Oscar Garcia Augustin

Supervisors: Lotte Dam & Robert Thomsen

Format: The pre-defence starts with a presentation by Pedro followed by the discussant's comments and then an open discussion.




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