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Information about Forms and Guidelines

The general rules and regulations for the doctoral education are described in the forms and guidelines at the Doctoral School of the Humanities.There are several routes  and types of scholarship for doctoral study in InterDisc.

In the study regulations, you will find information about admission, contents of the doctoral programme, completion, the PhD thesis, and the defence of the PhD thesis. The links in the menu are a supplement to the set of general rules for all doctoral programmes of the Faculty of Humanities of Aalborg University.

The PhD is the third cycle of degrees following the BA and the MA, and is a three year full time training that includes data collection as well as course work of 30 ECTS. The guidelines describe three years’ enrollment, and half time students should therefore read two semesters instead of one in the text.

There is also an online PhD Handbook, with reference to two older doctoral programmes, which gives valuable information and advice on the process. It will hopefully be updated to cater for our new doctoral programme, ie. to cover changes in the regulations and administration of the programme.

And these publications may help you in your doctoral studies.

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