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New PhD student: Anette Hansen

A new PhD student started in InterDisc in September 2018. Her name is Anette Hansen.

Last modified: 24.08.2018

A new PhD student started in InterDisc in September. Her name is Anette Hansen.

Her PhD topic is (in Danish): Linealer, Trapper og Gule Børn

In 2014, a new Article was included in the Danish Law on Social Services. Article 11.3 states that all Danish municipalities are obliged to offer preventive help aimed at children up until 18 years of age. It is an excellent Article that facilitates quick and targeted efforts beyond an otherwise heavy bureaucracy. However, the wording of the Article poses major challenges, in regards to both organization, portfolio and method. Anette's PhD-project will deal with those challenges studied in a case of “Det Gule
Team” in Bornholms Regionskommune.

Anette Trøst Hansen has a background in anthropology. She is originally from Jutland, but via dog sledding in Greenland, a sailing trip in the Mediterranean Sea and a decade as an expedition leader, she has now landed safely on “the sunshine island” Bornholm.