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New Phd student: Emil Styrbæk Møller

A new PhD student started in InterDisc in April 2018. His name is Emil Styrbæk Møller

Last modified: 01.04.2018

A new PhD student started in InterDisc in April 2018. His name is Emil Styrbæk Møller


This is what the problem is! A discourse analysis of future workshops on integrating buildings and households into the energy infrastructure


The idea that knowledge production and governance need to happen in collaboration with actors that have traditionally been less involved in these processes, including the public, private companies and NGO’s, has increasingly become mainstream in recent years, in research as well as politics. As a result, multi-stakeholder workshops and other participatory practices are becoming ever more popular, as a method and as an ideal. However, the methodological literature on these types of workshops has not kept up. Not only is it fragmented across many different research disciplines with different terminologies; it is also littered with theoretical ideals of how to conduct good workshops, with very little of it actually grounded in practice. Clearly, empirically based methodological development is needed in order to ensure that the increasing amount of workshops conducted in the future will be successful in achieving their aims, whether it be knowledge production or problem solving. To this end, I aim to analyse the communicative challenges that arise within the context of three future workshops, part of a larger research project called InterHUB, bringing together relevant actors from different sectors to discuss the logistics of integrating buildings and households into the energy infrastructure. I plan to take a discourse analytic approach. The exact analytical framework, however, will depend on the specific communicative challenges that present themselves during the future workshops.


Emil graduated from Aalborg University in 2017 with an M.A. in Communication. His thesis was on gender as discursively constructed through the jokes of Danish stand-up comedians. Throughout his studies, he has always had an interest in understanding interactions and public discourse through a social constructivist/discourse analytic lens.

He is currently involved in the research project InterHUB (Intermittent energy – Integrating households, utilities and buildings). His role is to help arrange, facilitate and analyse three future workshops, bringing relevant actors from different sectors together to discuss how to integrate buildings and households into the energy system.

Read more here: http://www.strategi.aau.dk/Forskning/Tv%C3%A6rvidenskabelige+forskningsprojekter/interHUB/